Before Any Long Talks Please Kindly Listen To The Jos N0.2 Song Outta 20 @BILLBOARD JOS "Shayo By Promphizy"

Listen below:

Now Talking About Which Of Jos "Artiste" Do You Think Is In A Better Spot To Remix The Song "SHAYO By PROMPHIZY" 

I dont have much to say on this, cause its kinda hard to figure out which JOS artiste deserve that spot,
Jos artiste this days are WOW! cos almost all of them are good and Unique In there own way, their gets better and good each and every day, KUDOS to them for the large step they've taking in their music career.

For me I will suggest ASOUND, 😁

hmmmn thinking why ASOUND?? Stick around i'd post why on my timeline later 2day! On FaceBook

Meanwhile Please Kindly Drop Your Suggest On who You Think, @Comment Box Below